Intellectual Property and Copyright Terms

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Welcome to the Intellectual Property and Copyright page of EdQuanta Ltd. This section outlines our stance on copyright, intellectual property protection, and the responsible usage of content displayed on our website.

Copyright Notice

  1. Ownership and Protection: All content featured on this website, including but not limited to text, images, videos, graphics, and downloadable materials, is the exclusive property of EdQuanta Ltd. and is safeguarded by international copyright laws and regulations.

  2. Public Domain Content: Certain content, such as articles and research papers, may be accessible to the public domain. However, even when content falls within the public domain, specific usage conditions apply, as delineated below.

Usage Guidelines for Public Domain Content

  1. Attribution: When referencing or employing content from our website, including public domain articles and research, users are required to provide unequivocal and proper attribution. This includes acknowledging the author’s contribution, if explicitly identified, and recognizing EdQuanta Ltd. as the primary source.

  2. No Derivative Works: Any alteration, adaptation, or creation of derivative works based on our content necessitates explicit written authorization.

  3. Commercial Use: Unauthorized commercial utilization of our content, even if it is in the public domain, is categorically prohibited.

Penalties for Copyright Infringement

EdQuanta Ltd. is steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding intellectual property rights. Any use of our content that contravenes copyright statutes or infringes upon the usage guidelines articulated above may culminate in legal repercussions and penalties, encompassing but not confined to:

  • Cease and Desist: Offenders may be served with a cease and desist notice, mandating the immediate cessation of copyrighted content utilization.

  • Legal Recourse: EdQuanta Ltd. reserves the prerogative to pursue legal action against individuals or entities implicated in the infringement of our intellectual property rights.

IP Logging and Active Reverse Search

In our vigilant efforts to protect intellectual property, we systematically record and archive IP addresses of visitors to our website. Moreover, we deploy active reverse search methodologies to identify unauthorized content usage.

Automatic EU IP and Copyright Protection

Given that our website is hosted within the jurisdiction of the European Union (EU), the entirety of the content accessible on our platform is inherently safeguarded by the formidable framework of EU intellectual property and copyright legislation. This robust protection encompasses both our indigenous content and content for which we possess authorization to exhibit.

Third-Party Content

On certain occasions, our website may showcase content crafted by third parties, including guest bloggers or collaborative partners. Intellectual property rights for such content are typically preserved by the respective creators. Consequently, users must scrupulously adhere to any terms and conditions stipulated by these creators when engaging with their content.

Contact Us

Should you harbor inquiries or concerns regarding intellectual property, copyright matters, or the application of content on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us for comprehensive assistance.

This policy is meticulously formulated to comply with pertinent laws and regulations, designed to safeguard the intellectual property rights of EdQuanta Ltd. and its content contributors. Any breach of this policy will be met with stringent consequences in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

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