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Malta, an
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Discover Malta, the picturesque Mediterranean island where our courses come to life. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Malta is the ideal backdrop for your educational journey.

About the Training Centre

All our training courses in Malta will take place in the morning between 9:00 and 13:45, All the classrooms are air conditioned and offer the latest in learning technology.

Our Cultural Activities

A cultural experience is included with every course on offer by edQuanta. We understand that part of the learning process is the immersion in the culture.

Networking and Team Building

Learning should be more than just attending courses. Our Erasmus+ CPD courses offer not only valuable professional development but also the chance to connect, collaborate, and have fun

Information about the Trainer

All the trainers for edQuanta are fully qualified teachers and experts in their field. 

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Computational Thinking

The main aim of this course is to gain hands on experience on a number of tools related to computational computing and programming. The training offers how effective teaching and learning can take place in the 21st century. Peer support and experiences can be another important element as contacts for future collaboration are established. The following list shows a brief description of the tools that will be used together with the educational setting in which they can be used in an appropriate pedagogical way.

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Emerging Tech in the Classroom

The primary objective of the Emerging Technologies in the Classroom course is to equip educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively integrate emergent technologies, computational thinking, and AI into their classrooms. Throughout the five-day program, participants will engage in a comprehensive exploration of various tools and strategies, aiming to enhance their teaching methods

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Digital Tools for Effective Teaching

The main objective of the Digital Tools for Effective Teaching course is to empower educators with the competencies needed to leverage a diverse array of digital tools for impac􀆞ul and engaging teaching. Throughout the course, participants will explore strategies for implementing digital tools in the classroom, building technical competence, and promoting active learning through technology.

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Innovations in Hospitality Education

The primary objective of the Innovations in Hospitality Education course is to provide educators in the hospitality sector with innovative approaches and tools to enhance hospitality education. Participants will explore experiential learning, technology integration, and current industry trends to prepare students for success in the dynamic hospitality field.

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AI in Education

The overarching objective of the AI in Education course is to empower educators to harness the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in their teaching practices. Throughout the program, participants will gain insights into the impact of AI on teaching and learning, explore adaptive learning systems, and delve into intelligent tutoring systems and feedback mechanisms

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Practical AI Tools for Teaching

This course equips educators with practical skills to leverage a spectrum of AI tools, transforming their teaching practices. Participants will leave with a deep
understanding of AI applications in education, hands-on experience with various AI tools, and a personalized plan for seamlessly integrating AI into their teaching methodologies.

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Effective School Practices:Fostering Collaboration &Innovation

The Effective School Practices course seeks to empower participants to adapt and implement local best practices in their context, fostering a cross-cultural perspective on educational excellence. Through interactive workshops, collaborative discussions, and visits in educational institutes, educators will not only observe exemplary practices but also actively engage in the process of refining and integrating these practices into their own teaching methodologies.

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Expert Trainers

Our courses are led by expert trainers with extensive experience in their fields, ensuring top-notch learning experiences

Seamless Operations

We pride ourselves on impeccable logistics, providing you with a hassle-free learning environment that allows you to focus on your professional growth

Made for Erasmus+

Our courses are tailor-made to align perfectly with Erasmus+ goals, making it easy for educators to benefit from EU funding

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in Malta's rich culture and history while attending our courses, creating a holistic and unforgettable learning experience.

Tailor Made Courses

If you are 6 participatins or more: EdQuanta can provide assistance for any pedagogical requirements, developing tailor made programmes to best suit the needs of educational entities.

Tailor-Made Courses:
Edquanta’s tailor-made courses are meticulously cra􀅌ed to align with the specific objectives and context of the educational institution or individual. Whether it’s a focus on curriculum development, teacher training, or the integration of specific
technologies, these courses are personalized to deliver targeted solutions.

Consultation and Needs Analysis:
Edquanta begins the process with a thorough consultation and needs analysis. This involves understanding the institution’s goals, current challenges, and the educational landscape in which they operate. By conducting a detailed assessment, Edquanta
ensures that the tailor-made course is precisely aligned with the client’s aspirations.

Customized Curriculum Development:
Based on the identified needs, Edquanta’s team of experts develops a customized curriculum that addresses specific challenges and goals. This may include incorporating the latest educational technologies, innovative teaching methodologies, or specialized content to meet the unique requirements of the institution or individual.

Flexible Delivery Formats:
Recognizing the diversity in learning preferences, Edquanta tailors the delivery format of these courses. Whether it’s on-site workshops, virtual training sessions, or a blend of both, the aim is to provide a flexible and accessible learning experience that
accommodates the schedules and preferences of the participants.

Ongoing Support and Evaluation:
Edquanta remains committed to the success of the tailor-made courses by offering ongoing support and evaluation. This may include follow-up sessions, consultations, and assessments to ensure that the implemented strategies are effective and aligned with the institution’s evolving needs.

Measurable Outcomes:
Every tailor-made course from Edquanta is designed with measurable outcomes in mind. The institution or individual can expect tangible improvements in teaching practices, student engagement, or any other targeted areas, providing a clear return on investment.

Edquanta takes pride in its ability to adapt and cater to the unique requirements of each client, offering tailor-made courses
that bring about meaningful and sustainable improvements in education.

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