Effective School Practices:Fostering Collaboration &Innovation

Dates Available

Apr: 08/04/2024 – 13/04/2024
Jun: 01/06/2024 – 06/06/2024
Sep: 09/09/2024 – 14/09/2024

Training sessions are from 09:00 till 14:00


Sunday: Arrival and Welcome
Monday: Training Session
Tuesday: Training Session
Wednesday: Training Session & Cultural Experience
Thursday: Training Sessions
Friday: Training Sessions
Saturday: Departure

Course Brief

The Effective School Practices course for educators and school leaders is carefully designed for participants seeking to gain insights into educational systems and integrate innovative teaching, learning, and school management practices into their own contexts. Over five days, participants will engage in a comprehensive exploration of effective school practices, including school visits, job shadowing, and collaborative sessions aimed at promoting inclusion of all learners.

Course Objectives

The Effective School Practices course seeks to empower participants to adapt and implement local best practices in their context, fostering a cross-cultural perspective on educational excellence. Through interactive workshops, collaborative discussions, and visits in educational institutes, educators will not only observe exemplary practices but also actively engage in the process of refining and integrating these practices into their own teaching methodologies. By the end of the course, participants will possess the skills and knowledge needed to create transformative educational experiences in their respective institutions, promoting innovation and inclusivity in teaching and learning. This course is tailored to international educators and school leaders eager to learn from and integrate effective school practices into their own strategies, fostering a global perspective on education excellence whilst focusing on learner variability.

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Local Educational Systems and Effective School Practices

NOTE: This course includes school vists during hours of operation (all school vists include transports)
NOTE: This course is only available in November from : 04/11/2024 till 08/11/2024

Morning Session: Welcome and Course Overview
The course commences with a warm welcome and an overview, emphasizing the importance of cross-cultural educational exchange. Icebreaking activities will foster a collaborative  learning environment, settng the tone for the week.

Afternoon Session: Understanding Local Educational Systems
Participants will delve into an understanding of the local educational system, focusing on policies, curriculum structures, and educational philosophies. Discussions will revolve around how effective school practices contribute to reaching all learners’ potential.


Day 2

School Visits and Job Shadowing: Exploring Local Excellence

Participants will embark on educational visits to local schools, engaging in extensive job shadowing and observing examples of good practice. The immersive experience aims to provide practical insights into effective teaching, learning, and school management strategies.

Day 3

Reflection on School Visits

Day three begins with a reflection session on the observations and experiences from the school visits. participants will share insights and discuss how local best practices can be adapted for global impact, fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Afternoon Session: Interactive Workshops on Effective Teaching and Learning* Interactive workshops will focus on specific effective teaching and learning practices identified during the
school visits. Participants will engage in collaborative discussions and practical exercises to explore ways to incorporate these strategies into their own teaching.

Day 4

School Vists and Job Shadowing (Continued)

Building on the experiences of day 2, participants will continue their educational visits to local schools and/or educational institutes. This extended observation and job shadowing period allows for a deeper understanding of various educational approaches and facilitates further networking with educators.

Day 5

Project Design and Future Implementation

Morning Session: Collaborative Project Design
Participants will collaboratively design projects that integrate effective teaching, learning, and school
management practices from the local context. The emphasis is on creating actionable plans for future
implementation in participants’ home institutions.

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