CNC Globe and Google Maps for Interaction

Project Overview: At EdQuanta, we’re constantly exploring innovative ways to blend digital technology with tangible experiences. Our “CNC Globe” project combines the precision of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining with the vast world of digital geography, bringing an exciting educational tool to life.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Geography: The CNC Globe is a unique fusion of physical and digital worlds. It’s designed to provide an engaging and interactive way to explore geographical data, thanks to its precision machining and integration with Google Maps.
  • Customizable Design: The globe is crafted using flat-pack CNC techniques, making it easy to assemble and customize. Users can choose specific areas of interest and have them accurately represented on the globe’s surface.
  • Educational Value: Our CNC Globe is a valuable tool for educators, students, and geography enthusiasts. It offers a hands-on approach to understanding geographical concepts and encourages exploration of real-world data.
  • Open-Source Collaboration: We’re committed to open-source principles, and our project resources, including design files and software, will be made available to the community. This fosters collaboration and allows for further enhancements and customization.

Exploring the World, Virtually and Physically: With the CNC Globe, you can embark on a journey of discovery, bridging the gap between virtual maps and tangible geography. Explore terrain, study topography, or visualize geographical data like never before.

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