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The Green Dilemma

In the midst of technological marvels, the environmental footprint of Artificial Intelligence (AI) often remains...

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The AI Revolution

The AI Revolution in Education: Redefining Achievement or Creating New Challenges? AI has become an...

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About edQuanta

edQuanta is the new brand that stands as a beacon of technological innovation and educational excellence. Our journey of over two decades has seen us at the forefront of transformation in technology, education, and business.

EU Funded

At EdQuanta, we empower you to access EU funding and collaborate on impactful projects. Let's partner to transform digital education in Europe together.

Bespoke Course

Discover limitless educational possibilities with our bespoke course development service. Our expert pedagogical team can transform your vision into engaging and effective learning experiences

Research & Development

Our dedicated R&D department drives innovation in digital education, business training, computer science and robotics. Let's explore the future together.

National Policy

Drawing upon decades of expertise, we empower nations and the EU with visionary digital education policies. Join us in fostering digital citizenship and ensuring your society's success.

Our Story in 2 minutes

EdQuanta has its roots in the collaborative efforts of individuals with over two decades of experience working closely in initiatives with Ministries of Education, the European Commission, the United Nations, UNESCO and industry. Our team is a diverse blend of experts with qualifications and experience spanning various sectors, including education, edtech, computer studies, and policy development. Led by our experienced managing director, Elaine Catania, EdQuanta is a fresh brand with a proven track record of success, often working behind the scenes in major European digital education transformations. While our brand is new, our expertise is deeply rooted in the extensive experience of our team members.


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